Capiz Shell Facts

Capiz Shell

Qualities of Capiz Shell

Capiz shell is scientifically known as Placuna Placenta, a fan-shaped to nearly round seashell. This is bivalve, slightly convex upper shell and almost flat lower shell providing a firmly strong protection for its delicious and edible meat.

The wonderful, unique quality of this shell is its translucent, thin and almost colorless nature. Very fine half round are lines indicates the growth of this highly valued marine life. Commercially treasured lampshades, light diffuser, door and window shutters together with room dividers are among the handcrafted merchandise. So far no single machine has been invented to completely process a novelty from Capiz seashell. The brilliance and intrinsic beauty of this marine product is beyond human creation.

At Capiz Shell we use only high quality capiz oysters and rattans, transformed into artistic designs.

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